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26 February 2020Windsor Castle: From medieval fortress to royal palace
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24 June 2020Petra: Caravan city of the ancient Arabs
22 July 2020The Post-Impressionist Rebellion: Gauguin, Cézanne, Seurat and van Gogh
23 September 2020The Magnificent Maya: Fact and fantasy
28 October 2020Peggy Guggenheim: The "poor little rich girl" who changed the face of 20th century art
25 November 2020The Field of the Cloth of Gold: 6,000 Englishmen in France for 18 days - how did they do it?

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Windsor Castle: From medieval fortress to royal palace Barbara Askew Wednesday 26 February 2020

This lecture traces the development of Windsor Castle from an 11th century fortress into a magnificent palace and illustrates how it has been successively enlarged, adapted and rebuilt by monarchs from Henry II to Queen Elizabeth II. 

Barbara Askew is a historian and has been a London Blue Badge Guide since 1988. She is a Lecturer, Examiner and Course Director on Blue Badge Guide Training Courses and is an acknowledged expert on Royalty and Windsor Castle. She is also a guide for the Albert Memorial and the British Museum and has led tours for American museums and alumni groups for the past 25 years.