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22 May 2019Robert Dudley: The Patronage and Collection of Elizabeth I’s Favourite
26 June 2019Inspired by Stonehenge
24 July 2019Nomadic Textiles of Central Asia
25 September 2019Salvador Dali: 20th Century Renaissance Artist
23 October 2019The English Landscape Tradition from Thomas Gainsborough to Richard Long
27 November 2019The Brilliance of Bauhaus

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Robert Dudley: The Patronage and Collection of Elizabeth I’s Favourite Adam Busiakiewicz Wednesday 22 May 2019

Robert Dudley (1532-1588), Earl of Leicester, was a significant patron of the arts in Elizabethan England. Not only did his castle at Kenilworth and houses in London set a new standard for extravagant interiors, they also contained vast amounts of paintings, tapestries and other works of art. Apart from images of the Queen herself, no other Elizabethan had as many portraits painted as Dudley. His exquisite armours too, crafted by the Royal Workshops at Greenwich, show us how he used art to evoke splendour on a scale usually reserved for princes.


Adam Busiakiewicz lectures on topics including Music in Old Master Painting, the Lute in Old Master Painting, Arms and Armour, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sir Anthony Van Dyck and Warwick Castle (history, owners, collection).