What are Church Recorders?

Church Recorders are members of The Arts Society who have an interest in preserving important artefacts and providing archival material for future researchers. They compile a full record of the contents of churches of all religions, to promote recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage in places of worship.

Since 1973 members nationally have recorded over 1000 churches and there is still plenty of scope to record the numerous churches and religious buildings in the UK. Church recorders are not necessarily experts in any particular subject but are willing to learn and increase their expertise. Training and expert advice are available for members who would like to participate in recording a church. Participating churches are presented with an illustrated book detailing each item and its history. Copies are sent to English Heritage National Archive, Church House, the V&A Library and local Archives.

Arts Society Records benefit:-

  • the church authorities who have a complete furnishing record
  • the police who use our accurate description and photographs to help recover and identify retrieved stolen artefacts
  • insurance companies who use our records to identify items
  • researchers who are producing theses and books on allied subjects

Camberley DFAS have recorded 2 churches in the Area St Peter’s Frimley and St. Anne’s Bagshot and are at present Recording at Holy Trinity, Hawley. The Church was built in 1856-7 – replacing the original church that had been built in 1837. In 1868 the Church was extended. Holy Trinity has been described as an almost perfect example of a complete Victorian Church. The Church was founded as a result of the Oxford Movement and is part of the Catholic wing of the Church of England under the patronage of Keble College, Oxford.

Holy Trinity Church Hawley In July of 2014 a small group of Camberley DFAS members completed the recording of Church Furnishings at Holy Trinity Church in Hawley. The church is a Victorian church built at the time of the Oxford movement and is of the Anglo- Catholic wing of the Church of England. The record took 3 years to complete. On Sunday 1st February 2015 the group presented the bound copy of the record at the Sung Mass, in front of a packed congregation.

The Church recording group meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month and we would welcome new members to join our friendly group. Please contact the administrator at :

(With thanks to Hawley Trinity Church for use of their web site pictures)