St.Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

Camberley DFAS sponsored an Art Project at St.Augustine’s Catholic Primary School in Frimley. Every child in the school was involved in designing or making the Totem pole under the artistic guidance of one of the mothers. The Totem pole represents elements of the School Mission Statement:- Joyfully we at St. Augustine’s Catholic School celebrate our love for God, our love for ourselves and our love for each other as we play, learn and pray together. The project took 2 weeks and the children really enjoyed creating their work of Art that now stands in the entrance to the Art Block. All 420 pupils have signed the base of the Totem Pole.

Children's Church Trail at St Peter's Frimley

A few years ago Camberley DFAS completed a Church Record of St. Peter’s Church in Frimley, and Young Arts volunteers decided to follow this with a Church Trail which could be used by the various school and youth groups who come to the church, as well as more mature visitors. In the Spring of this year, following building works to restore some of the original Georgian features in the church, we were able to “trial” the trail with a class of eight year olds from a local primary school. The school was happy to take part in this exercise as it fitted in well with the children’s on-going local history project, and we enjoyed seeing the energy, enthusiasm and interest shown by the pupils as they completed the trail. They showed real skills in reading inscriptions, deducing war losses from memorials, assessing the emotions of the apostles in the Ascension window, and in drawing the lovely architectural shapes in the church, as well as the more complicated patterns of Victorian floor tiles. They were generous in the help they gave to each other, and thoughtful in the questions they asked us and their teachers.