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13 March 2019Bernini and Baroque Rome

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Bernini and Baroque Rome Jo Walton Wednesday 13 March 2019

The portraits, fountains and mythological sculptures of GianLorenzo Bernini are some of the most exuberant and joyous sculptures ever made.

Rome is a city of many glories, from distant antiquity  onwards, and amongst her remarkable churches, fountains and monuments are the spectacular works of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. This complex, driven artist was the friend and confidant of Popes and princes, a child prodigy and a prolific, if understandably arrogant, genius. Find out about his architecture, sculpture, paintings, fountains and even plays. Also discover why such exuberance and magnificence became powerful weapons in a religious and political propaganda war.

Jo Walton has combined teaching and lecturing with a career in art bookselling and has been a volunteer guide at both Tate Britain and Tate Modern. She is now a freelance lecturer for The Arts Society, the Art Fund, and Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery and local art societies.